Always stay current! With how fast technology moves these days, its important to stay on top of the latest trends and upgrade your devices more often. I'm personally loving my new DLSR camera with fantastic video/wifi capability.  This makes my job a lot easier!  Editing photo's can be very time consuming.

Quality Photos

High Quality Photos are extremely important in Real Estate today. If you don't take good pictures, a lot of practice or having a great photographer is essential!!! If a potential seller views one of your listings and observes poor quality photos, what chance will you have of gaining that listing? I personally like having a quality camera on standby so I can add more photos quickly or make adjustments when needed.

How Photos Can Affect Your Listing

I'm not talking about a cell phone either! Although they're incredible nowadays (and I'm guilty of this too :P ), keep in mind a camera is designed for one or two purposes TAKE HIGH QUALITY PHOTOS and/or Photos & Videos. I find that cell phones can capture nice pictures outside as long as there's lots of light and plenty of room. However, when it comes to interior pictures, 1/5 a bathroom; the corner of a small room or something that appears to be from a haunted house (dark), is just not going to cut it!

Photo Editing

Good Editing is essential as well. You can improve and modify pictures by reducing shadows, increasing light, adjusting tint, cropping & straightening, etc. However, I'm personally not a huge fan of "over editing" because when I see a listing that looks fake, my mind automatically says "well I wonder what it actually looks like in person". You can take great photos without "over-embellishing". There's a fine line agents need to be careful not to cross. Full on removing or cropping out structures in the background or removing giant stains is not fair to consumers. Many times they get angry once they feel they have been deceived. I hear more and more complaints about properties looking totally different in pictures than in person.  My advice is to take "authentic" pictures once the listing is staged properly.

Staging The Property

I'll discuss this topic more in depth in my next blog post.  It takes cooperation between the agent and owner, as good staging is essential now that you're not planning on "over-editing" your listing photos.  Things such as removing clutter, a deep cleaning, yard work and landscaping are all key components to good staging. 

Although not a "professional photographer", I've been snapping pictures for over 10 years so have a good feel for it.  For example, this listing sold in 3 days.  I truly believe the photos played a big part, as we had multiple showings and offers.

Quality Video or Virtual Tour

This is another topic I'll be discussing in the near future on how to improve your listings. 

Whether your an agent striving to improve or a seller that wants/needs to sell quickly, I wish you the best!

-Derek Heppe

President & BIC- Ace Realty